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ELSIE (Oct 2014)

I just wanted to write thank you so much for a wonderful, well organized and most importantly a fun filled day.  My children 4 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed their first Tiddlers Multisport race and can't wait until the next one.  Thank you.   

Jane (May 2014)

Dear Tiddlers,
I just wanted to let you know that my 2 childern had a  great time at your race and it was good you did not have to wait long when you were lining up.  Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making it a great day.  We were lucky with the weather too .  Thanks again. 

J.W. (May 2014)

Just to say thanks so much for braving the cold for this event. Our children had a blast!
Best wishes

Kim, (9 June 2013)

Hi Viv
What a great day it was and well done for all that hard work and organizing - it was a fantastic day and we thoroughly enjoyed it!! Josh had a great time - thanks so much again!!,

Debbie, (9 June 2013)

Thank you so much for such a wonderful day yesterday!  The weather was perfect (at least for our 2 and 4 yr old races) and the kids had such a blast.  I'm so glad I entered my nearly 2 year old for the event - she just loved being part of the whole experience, gaining her 'winner's' medal and being just like her big sister - awesome! 

Shirley, (9 June 2013)

Congrats and well done on a successful day.  So well organised.  I had fun and looks like the kids and parents did too. Looking forward to the next race.


Hi Viv,
Thanks for a great day on Sunday.  Very well organised, right down to the weather!  We'll definitely be taking part again!!.

Jo (May 2012)

Hello Vivien,
I was at your event yesterday in Christchurch and was impressed by the organisation and how much the children enjoyed themselves.  Congratulations on a fantastic event, both of my children were thrilled with the day.    
Kind regards

FM May (2012)

Hi Vivien 
I just wanted to say thank you as Tiddlers Multisport has been loads of fun even dodging earthquakes and bad weather on occasions.  Sadly, Tahlor is no longer a tiddler by size and age (9 years) and we have moved out of Christchurch.  We do have many fond memories including a win in one of the first events and love what you do.  All the best and much success to Tiddlers Multisport events!  Should we return to Christchurch in the next few years our youngest will certainly be encouraged to participate.

 Thank You

Lauren Cahill

Just a quick note to say thanks for the event today, It was awesome having something a little different, and the park was the perfect spot for it, I hope you can secure it for more events in the future, a lovely spot for the family picnic.  Well done to you and your team.
Leanne Payne (18 Sept 2011)

Hi Vivien, just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and everyone involved in organising today's event. It was such a great day for the whole family and you guys all do such a great job with the activities and make everyone feel included. I'm hoping that either myself or my husband can be a volunteer next time so that we can contribute to another wonderful event.

Fleur (18 Sept 2011)

I would just like to say a very big congratulations on winning the Bloom Her Business 'Most Inspirational Role Model' Award and that this is truly deserved! 

As a mother (single) and business women trying to start out, you are a breath of fresh air and very inspiring.

Your ability and determination to see our children be involved in a fun and active experience is something you should be very proud of. 

You have continued to offer this fantastic opportunity through the harder times of 2011 when many businesses have taken a step back.

This has helped not only our children through these hard times but also the parents who stand at their side.

I personally would like to thank you and just say congratulations.

Kind regards
Mandy  McNaughton 

I have been meaning to pass on our sincere thanks to you for organising another great event. This one was very special and your team did a fantastic job.  Everyone was having a brilliant time and so proud of their kids.  Thanks to the sponsors as well, the kids loved the Cheeky Monkeys and all the extra stuff they got.  Awesome to spend some time away from the normal life we all have now.

Flynn learnt more about competition which was really good for him, and Niamh did her first one, and was very hesitant about going off on her own and by the end she was loving it and could have headed round for another race.  They both wanted to know when the next one was!

You guys are amazing, many thanks.


Awesome event as usual! Well done to you and Scott for all the hard work. It really paid off!

Keep us informed on next event for July 17th.

Craig, Sponsor "The Roxx & Clip N Climb"

Just a quick note to say a HUGE thank you for the fantastic race today.  So well organized.  My son enjoyed his 2nd race day.  What a fabulous place to hold the event.  Keep up the great work.

Kaden’s Mum (May, 2011)

Congratulations on a great day all the feedback we got at the door was great !! .  The kids loved it!! And after all that was what it was all about.  The Coffee and food people were great  and the Lions guys were well in control at the BBQ.  But all in all it was great and a great credit to you (and Scott).

I hope you are having a relaxing evening.

Judy , Volunteer

Thanks for a fantastic day out for our family of 5 – Hannah and Daniel really enjoyed competing and Hannah had her face painted, and we won the Hanmer Springs and petrol voucher prize! Thanks so much for all your hard work organising such a smooth event.

Sarah and Marcel Vickers

I would like to personally thank you very much for a wonderful time my grandson and I had on Sunday morning. Lachlan thoroughly enjoyed himself and it was hard to drag him away to go to his next event which was the birthday party.

Again thankyou for a wonderful time and going by the extreme talking about this event from Lachlan he will be back.

Mat talk at 'Kiwi Kids'  preschool will know doubt be  about  Tiddlers 'big race'

Kindest regards,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the event on Saturday. Our 4 children, aged 1, 4, 8 & 10, all had a fantastic time. Especially our 4yr old who loved meeting the Funky Monkeys. They were so friendly, she got their autographs and a photo with them, she is very happy.
Thankyou so much for all your effort in putting on this event. The volunteers were all great. We all appreciated so much having somewhere to go to together and have fun.

God bless,
Janine Gilling :)

Thank you to all who helped put on this fantastic free event.  It was amazing to see so many people all together having a great time.  Both of our children loved the actual race with the obstacles & bouncy castle.  The sausage sizzle went down a treat & the face painting was so popular we didn't attempt that line:)

Well done, we greatly appreciated all the time & effort that went into organising such a special day for all the children.

Kind Regards
Letitia & Glenn Nuttall (May, 2011)

Thanks Viv, Scott and others who made this race so awesome. I hadn't attended for a while, was impressed by how much there was for everyone - adults and children alike - to do. You constantly think of more and more ways to make this a fun and exciting event for families. To see our 2 year old Luke running up the field at top speed and having such a great time made us so proud. See you at the next one.

Lisa Barron (11/04/11)

Just want to say  thank you for all the hard work you have done to get kids on the right track to do something like ride a bike, run and just have fun, loose or win its just about getting out there.   I have two kids that have competed in tiddlers multisport events and really enjoyed it !.  My  daughter now wants to do other sports  I think tiddlers gave her the start.    Let kids have a go you will be surprised what they can achieve .   Keep up the good work Viv. 


Hi Viv, I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your hard work today.  My boys (and I!) had a fabulous day.  Well done - I'll be telling all my friends about the next one :-)

Kindest Regards

Just wanting to email to thank you and your team for all of the efforts you all put in to run these fun and exciting events.  This year our daughter Rylee (6) entered your races 3 times and our son Fletcher (4) entered twice, and they both had a blast competing in their races.  Rylee is more competitive, whereas Fletch is just happy to join in and participate - and he has only learnt to ride without training wheels in the last 3 weeks so todays competition was extra exciting cause he could show off his new talent!  Surprisingly, today Fletch was lucky enough to win your "Win a Bike" competition - he was stoked as he was making do with his sister's old bike until he could ask Santa for one at Xmas.  He was soooo excited to go into Bicycle Business late this afternoon and pick out the bike of his choice, and needless to say we have been in our driveway watching him ride his new 'big boy' bike ever since!

We all look forward to joining in again next year - and 4 to 5 year olds watch out for the speedster on his new bike!

Thanks again and kind regards

Rebecca and Glenn Munro

Thanks so much for a brilliant day.  Jorja our 5 year old Daughter had a brilliant time.  Jorja didnt even want her Dad running with her so she was pretty proud of herself at the finish line.  Great day and cant wait for the next event!!


We so love tiddlers! the whole family enjoys it from participating to watching and showing support, we all think its great! i cant wait for my daughter to turn 2!! its sooo cute watching the lil ones! Aisea my son is a very bright spark and acheiving years beyond his age academic wise, its just so great to see him out enjoying the outdoors and sports and being around kids his own age, thanks heaps for such a awesome event, this will be Aiseas 3rd race woohoo go Aisea!!

Just thought we would let you know just how impressed we were with the Tiddlers Multisport today, 15 August, it is the first time we have entered our children 3yrs and 4 yrs, (seen the signs many times around town and finally decided to try it out), the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and so did we as parents on the sidelines.  The medals and certificates were a great touch for the proud kiddies,  Could not speak more highly of an event, we will definatley be there again next time.

Leanne, Steve, Alexander and Amelia Payne.

Another GREAT day!  All the kids looked like they were having an absolute ball and I was blown away with how much the events have grown!  So many more people down there on Sunday.  That’s a testament to the great job that you and your team do. Thanks for everything!

Have a great week. 

Renee Robertson

What a wonderfully fun morning thanks to you and all the others who put in lots of hard work! will definetly look out for the next one.

It was our first race last week, and it was awesome! My daughter and her friend had a great time and are looking forward to August already! Thanks so much! Its a great initiative you have started, look how much it has grown, unbelievable!! Well done to you and all the helpers!


The race day today was brilliant. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and all competed well. We were really pleased that Caitlin could get involved and she did an awesome job. All your volunteers encouraged her and welcomed her. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you at another event in the future.

Michelle Fleming

My daughter Vanessa was over the moon getting the prize in the mail for fastest 3 year old from the running races at Children's Day. Her face is something that I won't forget ever.  Thank you so much for that fun.

Ruth Macey, Dallington.

Just to say once again you did a fantastic job today at the triathlon!  The kids enjoyed it, even Aaron who had no confidence doing it but is thrilled now and loves his medal. The tee shirts are a great buy too. Very well organised. We all had a great time. Thanks for all your hard work.
Hope you had a good rest again tonight.


Thanks viv for an amazing day!

Both our boys had an awesome time and loved every minute of it. Such a well organised event. Congratulations.


I just wanted to say another BIG thank you to you – we had a wonderful morning watching our boys having such a blast! These events are just wonderful for the whole family!!
We are looking forward to next years racing!!

Any thank you! You do such an amazing thing!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a fun and happy new year


Vince and Kim

Absolutely brilliant time my son Angus had a blast and is looking forward to the triathlon especially the water slide at the end.  Please advise asap when we can register for the next one.  Keep going with the good work it is so worth it seeing the smiles on all the kids faces especially the big ones (the mums and dads) :-)  Big high five to all the people who helped out.

Jackie Marquet

Just a quick note to say thanks so much to you and your team for a fantastic day on Sunday.  You were so well organized and ran to time really well.Hunter was very proud of his medal and took it to show his grandparents that night.  My partner Matt would be keen to help out next time so please keep us in the loop.  Sounds great with the fire engine being there too.

Kind regards,


Thank you so much for the Tiddlers Multi Sport Duathlon......my three year old had a blast....pretty ingenious of you guys to book where there is a park so kids can amuse themselves while waiting for their turn.  Compliments to all at this even especially Vivien McCaskey.  Everyone was helpful and patient.  Good food, fun play....just like a family bbq. Thanx for a great time....looking forward to November.  Have a great day!

Bekah Taylor  -  29 Sept 09